Notes on Linkus Maximus

The links on the Linkus Maximus page are basically my world accessible bookmarks.  I work on umpteen computers, at work, home, friends houses, etc., and I want my bookmarks available from wherever I am.  I checked out a couple of services that can do this, but found that access time really sucked, and virtually all of them jam adware at you.  This link page is my attempt to solve the problem, and I figured that others could find the links interesting as well.

Problem with links is, they go stale.  To solve that problem I periodically run a program that checks for the accessibility of a link, and when it is inaccessible, a counter is increased that is associated with the link.  When it is accessible, the counter is zeroed.  I don't want to consider a link dead just from a single instance of inaccessibility, as it could be a temporary condition.  It therefore takes a few failures before the link is really considered dead.  The numeric value to the left of each link indicates its current status.  Therefore the 0 valued links are most likely to be live, while the other valued links are either down or dead as of last time my program was run to check.  Once a link value reaches 4, it is no longer displayed on the page.

A remaining problem is that sometimes the links go stale, but the web host still responds with a page that makes my program think there's something there.  I'm working on this problem, and will update the information here once I reach a satisfactory solution.  In the meantime, as time permits I'm checking pages manually and marking stale links as deleted.

As time permits, I'm attempting to classify the links in useful categories, and improve the descriptions.  Unclassified links are in the MISC section and there's tons of them at the moment because I just imported some 500 links from the bookmark pages of my various systems.  At least the left hand value will give you an indication of some of those that are likely to be stale.

If any of you out there are interested in setting up your own "Link Encounter" like this, I would be willing to give you my CGI script (it's in Perl) if you feel up to playing with it. EMail me via the Contact link on the Home page below.